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Startup designs a modular, repairable laptop
I hope the startup sound is that noise the Transformers make when transforming
Industry News Engadget 26 Feb 2021 1,551
Industry News Neowin 26 Feb 2021 1,750
Microsoft: Now you can turn a Word doc into a visual PowerPoint presentation
War and Peace as it was meant to be - 3600 slides
Industry News ZDNet 26 Feb 2021 1,525
An illustrated guide to 12 Factor Apps
Because three tiers is never enough
Developer News Red Hat 26 Feb 2021 1,393
Migrating Silverlight apps to WinUI + Uno Platform (XAML in the browser!)
Assuming you can program through the tears as Silverlight sails to the West
Developer News Uno Platform 26 Feb 2021 1,157
Developer News Earthly 26 Feb 2021 1,705
Developer News Visual Studio magazine 26 Feb 2021 1,122
What would you prefer?
"It depends"
Hot Threads CodeProject 26 Feb 2021 794
Coding for Qubits: How to Program in Quantum Computer Assembly Language
Sandia Labs pioneers Just Another Quantum Assembly Language ("Jaqal") on their QSCOUT platform
Tips and Tools IEEE Spectrum 26 Feb 2021 112
The Ultimate Guide to Machine Learning Frameworks
From cloud-based cognitive APIs to libraries to frameworks to pre-trained models, developers make many choices to infuse AI into their applications.
Tips and Tools The New Stack 26 Feb 2021 141
Machine Learning with ML.NET – Guide to Decision Trees
We explore one more universal and one of the most popular machine learning algorithms – Decision Trees.
Tips and Tools 26 Feb 2021 149
Google Alto is “A Little Teachable Object” for machine learning
Alto by Google Creative Lab is a “teachable object using the Coral USB Accelerator.”
Tips and Tools Slashgear 26 Feb 2021 90
Prediction Intervals for Deep Learning Neural Networks
Prediction intervals provide a measure of uncertainty for predictions on regression problems.
Tips and Tools Machine Learning Mastery 26 Feb 2021 48
Project Calico: Kubernetes Security as SaaS
It’s not easy to secure our favorite container orchestration program Kubernetes
Tips and Tools The Next Web 26 Feb 2021 0
Enabling responsible AI development with new open source capabilities
At last year’s Microsoft Build conference in May 2020, Microsoft introduced three responsible AI (RAI) toolkits available in both open source as well as integrated within Azure Machine Learning: InterpretML, Fairlearn, and SmartNoise. These tools enable machine learning data scientists to understand model predictions, assess fairness, and protect sensitive data.
Tips and Tools Microsoft open source blog 26 Feb 2021 38
Satire Reddit 26 Feb 2021 1,786
Science And Technology Venture Beat 26 Feb 2021 684
US Military tests satellite for beaming power down to earth
Ooops, we missed the receiver again. Sorry about that.
Science And Technology Futurism 26 Feb 2021 1,611
Science And Technology New Atlas 26 Feb 2021 1,573
Google funds Linux kernel developers to work exclusively on security
...and maybe put a few advertisements in there
Industry News ZDNet 25 Feb 2021 1,062
Industry News Gizmodo 25 Feb 2021 2,497
This browser extension shows what the Internet would look like without Big Tech
Just in case you feel like removing the web from your life
Industry News The Verge 25 Feb 2021 4,557
3 questions to ask when negotiating a contract job
FYI: "Where's the nearest bar?" is not on the list
Developer News Tech Republic 25 Feb 2021 2,778
What is the definition of a good software engineer?
A creature used by software to increase their dominance?
Developer News Luminous men 25 Feb 2021 2,349

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